Joinet MERZIUS, President and CEO

A human rights lawyer at the bar of Port-au-Prince in Haiti for nearly twenty years, Joinet MERZIUS, holds a double master’s degree in international human rights law, in information and communication from French universities (Catholic University of Lyon, Pierre Mendes France University of Grenoble and Lumière Lyon II University) .
He is the main founder of the Haitian Observatory for Human Rights and has been active in the defense of human rights for more than ten years. A lawyer and journalist by profession, Me Joinet MERZIUS is sensitive to social inequalities and human rights violations around the world and has devoted his time to defending the rights of others.
Founding member of Defender International, Inc and professor of rights and international relations at universities; Me Joinet MERZIUS is committed to defending the fundamental rights of all, to combating social inequalities and injustices in the world.

Nahomie JEAN RILUS, Representative in Europe. Responsible for the women’s and girls’ rights section.

Holder of a double master’s degree in information and communication sciences and in international human rights law.
After completing a degree in social communication at the Faculty of Human Sciences in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she embraced the profession of journalist presenter on the radio while working in an association for the defense and promotion of human rights women and children. It is during this work that she finds her true vocation in the field of human rights. In 2009, she obtained a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in human rights in France where she currently lives.
She is particularly sensitive to questions of inequalities and social injustices that affect humans and more acutely women and children. She works for the school inclusion of children with disabilities by supporting them in their schooling. (This is why she is committed herself to the application and respect for the rights of children with disabilities in inclusive education by accompanying students with disabilities.) She remains convinced that universal respect human rights is not an option, but a must for the harmonization of social relations.

Roberto DORNEVAL, PA Media and communications manager

Founding Member of Defender international, Inc. Roberto DORNEVAL is an Active realtor Associate licensed in the State of Florida, Life Insurance licensed Agent and Florida Notary public.

Roberto Dorneval was born and raised in Haiti where he completed courses to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration along with a minor in NGO Management. He also earned an Associate degree in Pre-Law and a Diploma in Small business Marketing Management at Miami Dade College. He migrated to the United States in Summer of 2013 against his will and settled there since then with his spouse and his two wonderful children.

Roberto Dorneval has been a media personality for over two decades, during his career as a journalist, he had the opportunity to meet people from different part of the world from various backgrounds and discovered other people’s culture and their daily livings. As a specialist in mass communications, Roberto Dorneval continues to educate his audience via different media outlets through programs such as Trait d’union Radio Show (WSRF 1580 AM), Point A (Tele Pam). He has featured many Television and Radio programs in order to engage in an intelligent conversation with the Haitian diaspora in South Florida.

Roberto Dorneval is the owner-operator of Innovation Business Support LLC and KF Unlimited Services. As an active Real Estate Agent in Florida, he is also an advocate for fair housing and equal opportunity.

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Venide JOSEPH MERZIUS, Assistant

Founding member of Defender International, Inc., she studied management and administration in Haiti. She has worked with women’s organizations in Haiti and fought for the protection of girls and the social reintegration of women in difficulty.